Monday, September 6, 2010

Wet and Wild Weekend

Monday, September 6, 2010 at 4:40PM

Well lets first start by saying that Earl did not live up to the hype. I had 3 venues cancel that Friday night and reschedule for a later date in September, 2 of my places closed for the night, the guys were stuck on Martha's Vineyard for the night due to Hyline shutting off service to the Vineyard. The valets at the resort got soaked with he 150 cars they parked for the 1 wedding and 2 rehersals that did not cancel. Now on to the good stuff.

We finished out The Boathouse and Atlantic Fish and Chop House on Matha's Vineyard on Thursday due to Earl, everyone out there was really pleased with the service we had offered this summer and we will be back out there next summer. The valets at the resort parked over 800 cars this weekend and it looks like we will be going into November with them. The Perfect Plan hired us to provide valet for a wedding on North Rd. in Pocassett, Ma. last night, I have to say Connie Clark made this brides dream day come true, the setting in the woods at a house at the mouth of the Cape Cod Canal was absolutely breathtaking and the table settings under a clear sided tent made the view inside just as good. The catering company had the there hands full last night with it being a French theme food service and let me tell you they did a fanstastic job.

This week brings Cape Cod Valet a wedding on Seaview Ave. in Osterville, Ma. for 250 people, Cape Cod GSA 3 days at the resort for weddings galore and me some rest until the September 18 when weddings kick up in to high gear till the end of the month.

I leave you with this:

The majority of men meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fundraisers and more

Sunday, August 29, 2010 at 2:27PM
Where to start, your sister company Cape Cod Valet was very busy these past 2 weeks, last week started with a fundraiser for 3 Bays Preservation on Eel River Rd. in Osterville, Ma. then another fundraiser for 3 Bays Preservation on Seaview Ave. in Osterville, Ma., Cape Cod Valet was called last minute (3 hours before show time) for a job on Nantucket, Ma. for the Yellowstone Club and Bakers Point, the client stated that he had called a competitor and his price was outrageous, we ended this week with a fundraiser for Charlie Baker the Massachusetts Republican Governor hopeful on Seaview Ave. in Osterville, Ma..

This week also brought some heartache for John the owner of Ocean's with an unexpected fire in the kitchen of the restaurant that has put Ocean's out for the rest of the summer. Seaside pub is still going strong for another few weeks. The resort gave us the updated schedule for the rest of September looks like we will be there 3 days a-week for the next month.

Cape Cod Valet has started back up at the Hyannisport Club again, looks like we will be there every weekend till the end of October. Wiilowbend Country Club informed me that next weekend will be the last weekend for the summer 2010.

Martha's Vineyard was a whirlwind of excitement and frustration with the President on the island these past 2 weeks, Michele had lunch at the Boathouse were we do the valet parking in Edgartown, Ma. there was a lot frustration on the island due to the fact that where ever the first family happened to be nobody could come in to that area or for that matter leave the area in the vehicle until they were done. Well I was just sitting in my office and Air Force One just flew over, looks like the island will be back to normal.

I leave you with this:

Never fail to know that if you are doing all the talking, you are boring somebody

The Summer Seems Never Ending

Sunday, August 15, 2010 at 11:19AM

This week was a busy week for Cape Cod Valet with the 3 Bays Preservation fundraiser in Osterville, Ma., the Catholic Church fundraiser on Great Island in West Yarmouth, Ma. with the Cardinal O'Malley, and the summer party on Dune Rd. in Harwichport, Ma. we will be out on Nantucket for a fundraiser at the end of the month. Martha's Vineyard was in full swing with the charity event Race to the Rock which benefits all of Martha's Vineyard, there had to a thousand Harley Davidsons on the island for the event. The much anticipated arrival of President Obama has the secret servive on the island buzzing around scouting out his stops. We have a private event on the island on Friday for 1 of the most prominent figures out there (should be interesting to see who shows up). Last night Meg Ryan and guests showed up for dinner at Atlantic Fish & Chop House. We can not wait to see who shows up next week with the President on the island.

I leave you with this:

Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame.

Well Wed Magazine

Sunday, August 8, 2010 at 3:27PM

Cape Cod Valet was notified this weekend that it's sister company Cape Cod GSA / Valet is in the Fall / Winter 2010 issue and the only valet company listed on the Well Wed Cape Cod, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard web site this is an honor and privilege to be listed. We are now awaiting the arrival of the magazine to see how the ad looks in the magazine. We have done numerous events on Martha's Vineyard this week and have more scheduled for this week coming up. This week on Cape Cod is a busy one we have 2 fund raisers on the 12th and a busier than usual weekend at the resort.

I leave you with this:

He who angers you conquers you.

We Are On a Roll

Well let's just say that we are on a roll, Cape Cod Valet picked up 3 more fundraisers in Osterville, Ma. in August, the valets for Cape Cod Valet did a fantastic job in Falmouth, Ma. for the engagement party last night, three valets parked just over 60 cars. While at this party Matthew Speight the owner of Cape Cod Valet was talking to the event planner and picked up 2 more events for September 1 in Osterville, Ma. and 1 in Dover, Ma.. Cape Cod GSA Valet is on track to work well into Novermber with weddings and private events, next week we have a meeting with a Massachusetts town to discuss providing valet service on there Main St.. The summer just keeps getting better and better as it goes along, I cannot wait to see what next year holds for the 2 companies. I am discussing with my valet team where they would like to spend this winter in Boston, Ma. or in Palm Beach, Fl. both places have shown interest in the company( I am leaning towards Florida warm weather and all). I also known 2 event planners that do work down there in the winter.

I leave you with this;

If all the economists were laid end to end, they'd never reach a conclusion