Saturday, April 11, 2015

Long Over Due

Well it has definitely been awhile since I have posted anything to this blog, where to start, we have been doing well since I last posted, we acquired two more golf clubs Woods Hole Golf Club in Woods Hole and Eastward Ho! Golf Club in Chatham, we are now at Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster, Cape Cod Valet also parked the WE CAN Girls Night Out event held at Puritan Clothing on Main St Hyannis, Ma. in March. We are also looking forward to doing a Cinco De Mayo event,  the Figawi Ball in May and Best Buddies at the Kennedy Compound in June.

We have started a new chapter at Cape Cod Valet with a 15 passenger livery shuttle bus to work weddings, private events, and nights out. We will have our inaugural run on April 18th for a wedding in Chatham, Ma., this is an exciting time for us and the company as a whole and we look forward to serving Cape Cod and the Islands with both first class parking and shuttle services.

Here at Cape Cod Valet we believe in two thing providing excellent service and doing so at a fraction of the cost of the bigger companies. This company was started with a few private events at homes and grew from there, the one thing that has been a constant with the company always going above and beyond the client expectation and delivering outstanding satisfaction to all no matter how big or small the event may be!

First impressions begin at the curb, we here at Cape Cod Valet strive to be the best on Cape Cod and the Islands and have done so for 17 years, if you need valet parking for your event, wedding or party call us and if you need a bus shuttle for wedding guests, after reception and transportation to your hotel or sensible transportation for that event we can provide that also, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Leave your cars to the professionals

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cape Cod Valet: It's Been One Crazy Summer at Cape Cod Valet

Cape Cod Valet: It's Been One Crazy Summer at Cape Cod Valet: Providing security for Tom Brady   Well here we are almost the end of August already weather has been great (so far) this is Cape Cod th...

It's Been One Crazy Summer at Cape Cod Valet

Providing security for Tom Brady
  Well here we are almost the end of August already weather has been great (so far) this is Cape Cod though, this does not diminish the wedding atmosphere on the Cape and Islands. We have been busy with weddings at the Hyannisport Club, Willowbend Country Club, and private events. We provided security and valet services for the Best Buddies Challenge Hyanniport in June, this year Best Buddies raised the most money they have ever raised at this event: Tom Brady, Tedy Bruschi, Dan Koppen, Scott Zolak, Michael Chiklis and the Plain White Tees were there. My daughter Madison finally met her favorite patriot that day.
Madison and Tedy Bruschi

We provided the valet service for the Figawi Ball in May and had an advertisement published in Cape Cod Magazine June edition.

June Advertisement
We were on Martha's Vineyard for the Fourth of July for a private party for a very prominent company. We were at the Summer Brides Fashion Event on July 7th & 8th. We provided valet services for MGH for a fundraiser in East Falmouth, Ma. and BHS for a fundraiser in Harwichport, Ma.  We have been contacted by a soda company in Massachusetts to provide valet sevice for a 300 person wedding in East Falmouth in August. We have been contracted for a wedding reception in East Falmouth in September. We will be on Main St. Hyannis, Ma. providing valet for a bridal show.

We just provided valet services for Mitt Romney at a private residence in Osterville, Ma. My crew of 5 parked 107 cars for this event, the Casual Gourmet provided the fare for the 240 person cocktail party, I have to say that Mr. Romney may give the president a run for his money. The crew then went over to Hyannisport, Ma. and provided valet services for a  50th birthday party the competition was unwilling to do that night on short notice, I love receiving little notes
Little note from the Plunkett party

We will be providing valet service this coming week for Scott Brown, Polar Beverages and many others, I will post more as they come up. Thank You for reading and if you would like more information please visit us at

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Who Cares If The Valet Company Is Listed

Offering valet parking at your event or your business, the valet parking company you hire is like an ambassador of your company of sorts. The valet company you hire will be the first and last person seen when the client / customer arrives and departs. A professional valet service is one that mirrors the image you want to give your client / customer.

When choosing a valet company, make sure that company has undeniable references, use a valet company that actually provides valet service in the area you are holding the event or the business is to be located. The valet company if it is a true valet company (not a shell company using another company to do the parking) should be able to give you undeniable references for at least 10 years of service at a location. In the unlikely event that there is a problem or claim (we have only had one in 12 years) and we are always on site to handle the problem right then and there. If the valet company is not listed, you shouldn't wonder why, that valet company is probably a small company with a great reputation and just does not want to put their hard earned money into phone directories and Chambers of Commerce that charge to be placed there.

As a professional valet parking attendant service, since my inception in 2002, I pride myself on being the only valet company on Cape Cod that can provide the client with 10 years of undeniable service on Cape Cod. I use only my valets I do not hire out of state companies to do the service, I abide by the rule buy local and hire local, I am a small company but my service is impeccable. I just want to let everyone know that you do not have to listed with the Chamber of Commerce or in the phonebook to be a great company.

Another topic has been brought up about valet companies and if they are insured, well my company is and I provide a copy of the policy to the client as an additional insured. There are many types of insurance, I carry a:

General Liability Policy:  This covers the company for any unfortunate accident that may occur when we have control, custody, and care of the clients car, to either a person, vehicle or property this also contains my Garage Keepers Liability.

Workers Compensation Insurance: Workers Compensation insurance is business insurance that provides medical and disability coverage for employees who sustain job-related injuries. Workers Compensation insurance policies will cover an employee’s medical expenses and reimburse him or her for some percentage of lost wages. Which also includes Employers’ Liability Insurance

Additional Insured: I always add the event host or business where I am working as an additional insured, does your valet company do that? The valet company you do hire should provide this to you, this covers the named additional insured against any recourse from the injured parties due to an unfortunate accident when having an event or protects the business from being brought to litigation by the patron of the establishment.

Cape Cod Valet always insures with these policies and will be happy to provide a copy to you.

Now that we have covered if a valet company is listed or not and what insurance the company has lets move on to what the company has been up to since I last blogged.

We were at Puritan Clothing in Hyannis on March 29th for Girls Night Out and it was sponsored by Cape Cod Magazine. The event saw over 500 guest and raised money for WE CAN, a local non profit dedicated to empowering Cape women, Cape Cod Valet donated there services for the evening and a $1000.00 gift certificate to be auctioned off, on April 1st we were at the Navigator for the bridal show they held in Mashpee, Ma. Cape Cod Valet raffled off a $500.00 gift certificate. On May 5th we will be at Indian Pond Country Club donating your services and $1000.00 gift certificate to be auctioned off, The Arc is a private, non-profit membership organization committed to providing creative, flexible and diversified supports for people with developmental disabilities and their families.

We will be donating our valet services and $1000.00 gift certificate for the silent auction to the Figawi Ball being held at the Resort and Conference Center in Hyannis, Ma. for a list of charities that the Ball supports click here . We have many more charitable functions we are doing throughout the year, we may see you at one of them.

I would like to say that we have picked up 2 new businesses this year 1 hotel and 1 country club to provide valet services for there weddings and other events.

We have more new business this year and more repeat business from satisfied customers, I think it is going to be a great summer.

" Let us be your first impression "

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bridal Show / Cape Cod Weddings

Well here we are in March, 4 bridal shows complete $4000.00 in gift certificates given away with 2 shows left with $4000.00 more to be given away towards valet services. I have secured the valet for May 5th  with The Arc of Greater Plymouth for their 10th annual dinner/silent auction at Indian Pond Country Club in Kingston, Ma.

My company provided valet for the Bridal Expo at th Yarmouth House Restaurant on Sunday put on by Cape Models and Talent. There were vendors from all over at this event Krazy Kakes, Lady Slipper Stationary, Rentals Unlimted, Chase CanopyCape Destinations, Chantilly Bridal provided 80 wedding gowns for the bridal show, Branford Style and Tailoring provided all of the tuxedos, Artworx, Tudo Arte, Hugs and Kisses, Margeret Florals provided all the floral arrangements for the bridal show, Paradise Stables were there giving rides to the brides to be in horse drawn carriages, Kimberly Richard Be Bautiful, and the Yarmouth House for providing the event venue.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cape Cod Valet / Bridal Shows

Well here it is February already, how time flies when its nice weather. Cape Cod Valet has already parked some very nice wedding shows this year, the one at New Seabury Country Club was probably the busiest this year so far, 60 brides registered and 185 people through the door with 89 cars parked.

We have some news on some upcoming wedding shows, Wedding Day Expositions February 26th at the Ocean Edge Resort, a Bridal-Expo March 4th at the Yarmouth House restaurant 9:00am - 4:00pm, Bridal Fair April 1st at the Falmouth Navigator 12:00pm - 3:00pm these are just some of the many bridal shows going on this year.

Cape Cod Valet has a long awaited appointment with a big client coming up for year round valet service, I got an email from a business on Martha's Vineyard for valet service not in Edgartown, looks like Vineyard Valet is expanding it wings on the island. Cape Cod Valet will be parking the 10th annual Arc of Greater Plymouth Celebration at the Indian Pond Country Club on May 1st,

A wedding can take more than a year to plan. Couple's planning a wedding want everything to be utopian. Selecting the perfect location is also paramount in the decision as well as the attire, wedding dress, song selection, flowers, and the cake. Parking is the last item thought of when planning that day, do not let the size of the lot at a location deter you from having the biggest day of your life there, call in the professionals Cape Cod Valet to handle all of the parking details.

We handle all the arrival and departure needs of all guest helping with flowers, gifts, and much more, so adore your wedding day to the fullest, by trusting the professionals with the parking concerns.

We bring a touch of class with our valet service that your guest won't soon forget.

"Care about what you are doing and do it the right way"

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cape and Islands Wedding Group / Cape Cod Valet

I know I have not posted anything for a while, so here we go. Since September we have done too much stuff to list separately, so Ocean Edge went right through to November, Boathouse / Atlantic ended on Labor Day we also did multiple events out there, Hyannisport and Willowbend ended in September. With that out of the way lets get on to the good stuff, we have booked 23 private weddings for next summer so far and Hyannisport has 12 weddings. We have 5 proposals out for new valet services 4 in Hyannis and 1 in Falmouth will keep you posted on where we will be providing first class valet.

The Cape and Islands Wedding Group has a Bridal Show coming up on  February 12th at New Seabury Country Club in Mashpee from 12-4pm, with raffle prizes, two fashion shows, cash bar, food tasting and a chance to meet some of the best wedding professionals on Cape Cod we will be providing your first class valet service for this event and giving away a $1000.00 gift certificate towards valet service, you don’t want to miss this great show.

You can purchase tickets here:

I will be posting on a regular basis now so look for details on upcoming wedding shows and where we will be parking.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cape Cod Valet

Here it is September already labor day weekend, we have been busy.

Cape Cod Valet parked the Catholic Schools fund raiser in the beginning of the month and received a very nice review at Ted Kennedy Jr. held a fund raiser for the Cheote Rosemary Hall School in Connecticut we were there to park the event, I have to hand it to my valets for parking 90 cars in a torrential down pour which umbrellas did not help. We were at the Kittansett Club in Marion, Ma. for a birthday celebration that Chad Michael Peters hired us for, let me tell you I hope I have a 70th birthday party like this one.  We have numerous private functions this month tomorrow being the first at Penzance Point in Woodshole, Ma., next weekend we have a three day wedding event on Martha's Vineyard. Vineyard Valet, Martha's Vineyards only valet parking company will be handling this event.

Last weekend my valets did a superb job on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this might be why we are the best valet company on the Cape and Islands we work in all kinds of weather even hurricanes.